clay mask

Clay mask is ready for use. Meet with the best clay mask in all around the world. This Cleanazer is mud. Use it for your face or body and wash it with water, that’s all it.

√ %100 Natural & Organic – Best for Facial Clean & All Body Skin Net Weight: 8 FL Oz / 236 Gr / 0.51 lbs.
√ The Volcanic Facial Mask Clay’s source is from Baku region of Azerbaijan.
√ Clay mask is 100% natural mud mask and there is no additive.
√ The effect of skin reperation, cleansing, and correction of Azerbaijani volcanic mud.
√ Many people around the world come to Azerbaijan mud volcanoes for health tourism.
√ Clay mud mask comes from Azerbaijan and packaged at Turkey in completely hygienic environment.
√ Apply a thin layer of the clay to the face, and let it dry for 20-30 minutes.
√ Peel off the dried clay without wearing it, and wash your face with warm water.
√ With the feeling of freshness on your face, you will see the harmful toxins and acne disappear.
√ Usage Recommendation: 2-3 times a week.


FC contains are vanadium, mangenese, lithium, boron, bromide, and iodine naturally.

You will feel pulling and tightening because of the deep cleansing in your pores.

It's not powder. This is mud. Ready to use.


The World’s Best Clay Mask From The Caspian Coast.

Azerbaijan mud volcanoes are a unique natural phenomenon.

Azerbaijan volcanic clay mask has high natural mineral content. And is rich in antibacterial agents and antioxidants.

Routine skin care helps in spraying the skin and becoming immaculate. Cleanazer Volcanic Clay gives the skin shine and freshness as classic clay masks.

After rinsing, you will feel the acne under the skin to dry and relax. Cleanazer provides an amazing skin regeneration experience.


· Washed clean and leave the skin around the eyes and lips outdoors without any makeup.

· After holding for 25 minutes, rinse with water to make forward movements.

· Available for all of skin types.

· Can be used 2-3 times a week.